Software Solutions for Technical Documentation and Marketing

Use Congree to ensure consistent communication throughout the enterprise.

Consistent communication throughout the enterprise

Each industry is faced with different challenges in the fields of technical documentation and marketing communication. The Congree Authoring Server assists writers in all industries, helping them to efficiently compose consistent, comprehensible contents. The software ensures that defined style rules and uniform terminology are complied with throughout the enterprise.

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Advantages for All Industries

Vehicle Construction/Automotive

Manufacturers need to provide various audiences with product information for all kinds of vehicles. This range of information includes repair center information, spare part lists, technical data sheets, manuals, and marketing documents. The authoring assistance of Congree minimizes error sources and coordination overhead and helps to ensure consistent terminology in different text types.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Apart from the actual documentation overhead for every new machine or plant, product descriptions and manuals also need to take relevant laws and regulations in the respective country of destination into consideration. The use of Congree products can significantly increase the consistency and quality of texts, while reducing the workload of content authors.

Software Development and Information Technology

Software update intervals are often very short. Nevertheless, software interfaces, product information, and online help texts must be available in their entirety. Additionally, manuals may need to be created for readers with different levels of background knowledge (administrators, users). Congree can speed up text composition processes significantly.

Optimum Assistance in All Company Units

Uniform communication throughout all channels contributes to the positive external perception of an enterprise and creates trust. The Congree software ensures that defined style rules and consistent terminology are complied with in all departments.

Technical Writing

Comprehensible, consistent texts are a prerequisite for the correct commissioning, handling, and repair of technical products. Therefore, various technical writing teams need to be able to compose technically correct, comprehensible product descriptions. In this area, the authoring assistance of Congree can be very beneficial, especially if terminology and style rules are defined and integrated in the quality assurance.


The main objective of marketing communication is not to deliver detailed product descriptions, but to highlight USPs for the customer and arouse interest. Though marketing texts might be more creative than e.g. technical documentation, elements such as product names should of course be used consistently. Congree also enables access to the corporate terminology from editors such as MS Word or Adobe InDesign. Additionally, the system performs comprehensive spelling, grammar, and style checks.

After-Sales Documentation

After purchasing a technical product, customers continue to be supplied with written documentation. Usually, these texts comprise information on the warranty, training, servicing, or the availability of (spare) parts. In such documents, information such as the descriptions of functions and components should be identical. Congree allows approved wording to be reused. This reduces the correction overhead and the number of potential comprehension questions that customers may ask.