Technical and Linguistic Assistance for More Efficiency

Draw on our expertise and long-standing project experience

Would you like to implement company-specific requirements with the Congree Language Check or configure the standard rule set in such a way that it suits your needs? Or would you like to have your existing terminology evaluated professionally in order to find optimization potential? With our extensive range of services, our experienced language experts would be pleased to assist you in using the Congree Authoring Server as efficiently as possible.

Language Check Concept

Together with you, we elaborate the optimum configuration of the Congree language check for a particular text type and document it. All decisions, e.g. for or against the use of Congree rules, are documented and thus remain traceable in the future. Thanks to a smart concept, unnecessary changes to the existing configuration can be avoided.

Term Extraction from Existing Documents

Terminology work is one of the central activities in the field of technical communication. The first step is the collection and determination of new terminology – a lot of work for companies that have just started to engage in professional terminology work. Numerous terms already exist in available documents and need to be extracted, which is very time-consuming. For this purpose, Congree offers you term extraction with the help of language technology-based procedures.

Terminology Evaluation

Though being aware of the importance and value of terminology, many enterprises still have a long way to go as far as their terminology work is concerned. Loose term collections from different sources often exist, but are not managed centrally. If this is the case, professional terminology evaluation can provide certainty whether the existing data are clean and consistent or whether they need to be purged. Within the scope of this service, your terminology repository is formally purged and analyzed with language technology-based procedures. For example, this process identifies terms that contain typos or incorrect grammar or that were formed according to inconsistent patterns.

Implementation of Customer-Specific Rules

Our product portfolio comprises language check components that, by default, cover general rules of correct and comprehensible language usage. Additionally, we offer the implementation of rules based on your customer-specific requirements. Typically, these rules concern the style check, e.g. the avoidance of certain words, wording, or grammatical constructs. The rules can be activated or deactivated as necessary for individual linguistic projects.

Creation of a DTD/Schema Interpretation

A document type definition (DTD) or Schema definition is a rule set that determines elements and other constructs for a specific document or document class. Documents to be subjected to a language check may exist in structured form (XML, HTML, etc.). If the documents are based on modified customer DTDs, they cannot be checked without an individual DTD interpretation. Thus, Congree offers you the creation of such a DTD interpretation and the adaptation of your language check to the document structure of a text type.

Customization of a DTD/Schema Interpretation

If the DTD/Schema interpretation is outdated, the language check might no longer work properly. When updating the DTD or the Schema, at least the changes that are relevant to the language check should be checked. For example, this includes all new elements or renamed elements. Congree offers the review and update of your DTD/Schema interpretation in order to re-tune the Congree language check to your text type.

Language Check Training

Trained employees are quicker to achieve the desired results when using a new tool. The special training for the Congree language check assists users in configuring the software and using it more effectively and efficiently in their daily work.

Customer-Specific Workshops

Workshops are ideal for elaborating certain aspects of the Congree products in detail and with a clear focus on your individual needs. Benefit from our expertise and project experience! Following the definition of the subject areas to be covered, we assist you in understanding the functionality of Congree even better and in optimizing your work with the software.