The Electronic Style Guide With Linguistic Intelligence

Goal Definition

Define your goals using our electronic style guide.
  • Tone of voice
  • Terminology
  • Translation costs
  • Simplified Technical English
  • Non-native speakers
  • Easy language
  • Own style guide
  • Text intelligibility
  • Compelling communication
  • Translation-oriented authoring
  • Gender-inclusive authoring
  • Consistent brand communication

Text Optimization

Achieve your goals while being supported by Congree's linguistic intelligence. Wherever content is created.Discover All Solutions


Evaluate the results and analyze which goals you have achieved and where things might be even better.

Ensure Linguistic Quality on All Channels

For many, writing good text is a challenge, especially under time pressure.

No matter if there are three, ten, a hundred, or thousands of people who create content, Congree makes sure that the content meets high standards in terms of quality, consistency, and brand conformity.

Every Word is a Brand Ambassador

Every day, corporate content is prepared by various people, each of whom has a different style. At times, inconsistent information is published on different channels. This can impair the trust of the target audience and thus weaken the brand. The problem is amplified by the growing amount of content on various channels.

Put an end to the proliferation of inconsistent content. With Congree, you can easily convey a consistent brand image and statement.

Lower Costs with Higher Quality

Congree helps you to maximize the reuse of content. Congree customers save 20 to 80 percent of their translation costs by using the Authoring Memory.

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