Congree Interface

Adobe FrameMaker

Congree can be fully integrated in Adobe FrameMaker. This enables seamless integration of the software in your accustomed editor interface. The Congree panels can be repositioned, hidden, and displayed as needed.

You can use the Congree toolbar to control your author assistance tool. Alternatively, you can hide the toolbar and use Congree via the FrameMaker tab "Congree".

Congree for Adobe FrameMaker delivers all Congree features, from the linguistically enhanced Congree Language Check to sentence reuse to the terminology component, which assists you throughout the entire lifecycle of your documents.

Structured and Unstructured Mode

Congree for Adobe FrameMaker enables you to work in the structured mode and in the unstructured mode. With Congree, you can thus process a variety of files—from unstructured formats (.fm, .mif, .book) to the structured .fm format to all XML formats (.xml):

Congree delivers check results, thereby serving as a reliable helper in the field of technical documentation.


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