Content Optimization with Congree

Increase the Quality of Your Texts with Little Effort

Authoring assistance is supposed to do what the name promises, namely to assist authors in the company in their daily work. The software should neither disrupt existing workflows nor constrain the author in his work.

Congree adapts to your mode of operation and provides unobtrusive background assistance in your usual editor. Apart from the possibility of reusing existing wording and a comprehensive terminology component, the software features a Language Check that is based on many years of research and innovative technology.


Percent Coverage of German and English

Thanks to its morpheme dictionary, Congree immediately identifies all newly formed words and thus covers the entire spectrum of specialized languages.

30+ Years

of Research and Development of the Congree Linguistic Engine

Based on concentrated expertise gained in research and practice, Congree develops unique computer-aided language processing mechanisms.

ROI in 1 Year

or Less through Easy Integration

Congree can help reduce costs at all stages of the content creation, e.g. through reuse of existing wording and translation-oriented authoring.

Following the straightforward installation,
the technical writers, authors, and content creators
are ready to go!

Learning effects

concerning the spelling,
grammar, style and terminology

Reduce costs

through lower review
and translation overhead

Corporate Language

consistent throughout the enterprise
and more comprehensible texts

Personal customization

for a high level of acceptance of the software among writers

Reuse Sentences, Reduce Error Sources,
and Compose Texts More Efficiently

Rule-Based Language Check

Terminology Component

Authoring Memory


Rule-Based Language Check

Apart from the spelling and grammar, the rule-based Language Check also checks the style. Predefined rule sets cover most application cases; additional company-specific rules can be supplemented as needed.

Terminology Component

The connection of third-party components enables access to a wide range of information on terminology hits. The terminology component in Congree delivers definitions and usage information on specialized terms – including preferred terms, admitted terms, and deprecated terms.

Authoring Memory

The Authoring Memory serves as a sentence repository, showing you all text segments that are similar to your text and that were written and approved in the past. You can apply these text segments with a click. New sentences are included in the Authoring Memory after they are checked and approved. Congree Data Grooming can help to maintain and improve the quality of your Authoring Memory.