Congree Interface


The Congree Authoring Server can be integrated seamlessly in ASC Author-it. All Congree functions are available for integration in ASC Author-it.

Easy Use

To check and edit documents in ASC Author-it with Congree, they must be opened as topics. Topics that are opened are checked out and thereby protected from being edited concurrently by other users.

Text can be checked and edited in the opened editor. To apply the changes after editing, the user must save and close the topic. In this way, the topic is checked in along with the changes and becomes available for further editing.

Flexible Operating Concept

If you do not need a Congree panel temporarily, you can quickly hide it. The Congree integration in ASC Author-it supports the flexible detachment, repositioning, and docking of Congree panels in the editor. You can arrange your Congree panels according to your needs, cascade them, or move them to another monitor to maximize the editing area.

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