Congree Interface


Contentserv’s PIM system covers the entire product information lifecycle. From product data consolidation to effective marketing campaigns, everything is done in Contentserv. With Congree for Contentserv, the plug-in from Laudert enables you to check product information right where it is created.

Check out and get started

To work with Congree for Contentserv, check out any text module:

After check-out, Congree is available in the editing area:

With Congree for Contentserv, it's a snap to check your texts: Just click the text or write something and Congree will deliver results. The entire text can also be checked at the push of a button.

After editing the text, the changes can be checked in:

Language Check and terminology research

Congree for Contentserv includes the Congree Language Check and a terminology research feature you can use to sustainably enhance the language quality of your content.

The Congree Language Check checks your texts for spelling, grammar and style as well as for company-specific abbreviations and terminology.

Using a terminology system? You can then view detailed information in the Congree panel for terminology research.

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