Congree Interface


For the connection between Congree and Intuillion DITAToo, Congree is integrated in the DITAToo editor Adobe FrameMaker as a plugin. Congree can be used without any limitations in the context of DITAToo because the program functions and the basic operating concept of Congree are uniform and consistent for all editors that support full integration.

Full Functionality

Congree for DITAToo offers the full function scope of Congree because the integration is based on the full integration of Congree in Adobe FrameMaker.

Open Module and Start

Open a module from the DITAToo repository. The module will be checked out and can be processed and checked with Congree. After you improve the text quality with Congree, reuse sentences, or optimize the use of terminology, you can check in the module. In this way, you can easily use Congree for your work with the DITA CMS DITAToo.

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