Congree Interface

DOCUFY COSIMA enterprise

The Congree Authoring Server can be integrated seamlessly in DOCUFY COSIMA enterprise. The check results for your text are displayed in the Congree panels in DOCUFY COSIMA enterprise.

After integration, the Congree Authoring Server can use the user authentication of DOCUFY COSIMA (single sign-on). After logging in to the editorial system, the author can use the Congree Authoring Server without any additional user authentication.

Easy Operating Concept for Your Daily Technical Documentation Work

The various Congree check modules can be displayed and hidden. Thus, the text checking functions shown in the graphical user interface can be aligned with the user's needs. Moreover, the Congree panels can be detached from DOCUFY COSIMA enterprise and be positioned elsewhere, for example, on a second monitor.

Working on several documents is very easy. In DOCUFY COSIMA enterprise, the documents are displayed in different tabs. The text check results are displayed on a document-specific basis, such as for the selected document. The check results of the Congree Authoring Server are offered regardless of whether the text is displayed in the structured view or in the running text view.

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