Congree Interface

Noxum Publishing Studio

The Noxum Publishing Studio is an XML-based system for creating and managing content, for example, in the field of technical documentation.

The integration in the Noxum Publishing Studio comprises the Congree Language Check. This function checks your texts for spelling, grammar, and style as well as for company-specific abbreviations and terminology.

The check and the display of the check results happen in the accustomed user interface of the Noxum Publishing Studio. Subsequently, the author can process the notifications one by one. Correction proposals can be applied with a mouse click. In the Noxum Publishing Studio, it is also possible to check multiple documents in one go.

The Noxum Publishing Studio is integrated via a server-to-server connection. For this, the Congree Bulk Check Service—a generic interface of Congree—is used.

In this way, the text quality in the Noxum Publishing Studio can be comprehensively assured.

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