Congree Interface


Integration via SCHEMA Editors

Using SCHEMA ST4, content can be created directly in Microsoft Word, JustSystems XMetaL Author Enterprise, or Adobe FrameMaker. For interaction through these integrated editors, Congree can be connected to SCHEMA ST4 by embedding a Congree plugin in the editors supported by SCHEMA ST4. Congree can be used without any limitations in the context of SCHEMA ST4 because the program functions and the basic operating concept of Congree are uniform and consistent for all supported editors. SCHEMA ST4 is available with a standard configuration or with an expanded configuration (ST4 Solution). Congree is available for the standard software.

For use in connection with ST4 Solutions, Congree can be integrated within the scope of a project.

Language Check and Terminology Research

Congree for SCHEMA ST4 comprises the language check and terminology components.

The figure shows the two components in a SCHEMA ST4 session with JustSystems XMetaL Author Enterprise.

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