Congree Interface


With the editorial system TIM from Fischer Information Technology AG, content can be created directly in Adobe FrameMaker or TIM-XMAX. For the interaction through these integrated editors, Congree can be connected to TIM by embedding a Congree plugin in the editors.

From TIM 4.3: TIM Authoring Assistance

From TIM 4.3, every TIM installation comprises the TIM Authoring Assistance. The TIM Authoring Assistance corresponds to the Congree Authoring Client, which is integrated in TIM with the following features:

  • Spell check
  • Grammar check
  • Terminology check
  • Authoring Memory

When embedded in your accustomed work environment, the TIM Authoring Assistance enables you to create new content and revise or check existing content.

If you want to deploy Congree beyond the function scope of the TIM Authoring Assistance, you can purchase Congree for TIM, which provides you with the full Congree functionality.

Easy Use

To check and edit a module with Congree, it first must be opened from TIM and loaded into the integrated editor. Text can be checked and edited in the opened editor with the help of the Congree plugin or the TIM Authoring Assistance. Subsequently, the user can save the changes in TIM and close the module.

Congree blends seamlessly with your accustomed workflows to assist you in your technical documentation work.

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