Congree's Newly Gained Independence Establishes Preconditions for Further Growth

The authoring assistance and content optimization provider Congree Language Technologies GmbH now operates as an independent company. As of September 25, 2018, Across Systems GmbH has transferred its interests to private investors from the IT industry. In combination with the inflow of further capital, Congree boasts an outstanding position for future growth.

"The transfer of the interests represents a consistent step in the right direction", says Congree CEO Stefan Kreckwitz and goes on: "In 2010, Across and the Society for the Promotion of Applied Information Sciences (GFAI) of Saarland University had founded Congree as a joint venture in order to bundle their strengths in the field of authoring assistance. Since then, Congree has grown significantly and has developed its own profile in the field of content creation."

The original idea of Congree was to optimize source texts for the subsequent translation. Meanwhile, however, the application areas of authoring assistance go far beyond this scope. For this reason, Congree has started addressing this market independently. By contrast, Across continues to concentrate on its core competencies in the field of support and automation of translation processes.

With content optimization, non-native authoring, and tone of voice products, the former niche solution for editorial offices has become a key technology. More than 150 companies use solutions of Congree in order to master the challenges they face in the fields of globalization, digitization, and corporate identity. "The newly gained independence effectively prepares Congree for the next growth phase", says Stefan Kreckwitz.

According to Kreckwitz, Congree is now able to operate on the market with even more freedom and flexibility. The plan is to get positioned on an even broader basis, e.g. with respect to the collaboration with various content and translation management system providers. Backed by the inflow of new growth capital, Congree is ready to reach its ambitious goals and expand its customer base.

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