Technical Documentation

Congree helps technical documentation groups tackle major challenges

Improved Quality

Better wording leads to better business results. Boost the success of your business by improving and assuring the quality of your text with Congree.

Improved Consistency

Do not leave the use of your style guide and corporate terminology to chance. The automatic Congree Language Check is available at all times and helps you to ensure consistency throughout all departments, regardless of which editor the authors use.

Reduced Costs

Congree helps you to maximize the reuse of content. Congree customers save 20 to 80 percent of their translation costs by using the Authoring Memory.

Use of Corporate Language

No matter if there are three, ten, a hundred, or thousands of people who create content, Congree makes sure that the content meets high standards in terms of quality, consistency, and brand conformity.

No Need for Authors to Learn a New Application

Congree can be fully integrated in the most popular authoring tools.