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Higher text quality with less effort

Apart from the reuse of sentences and consistent use of terminology, Congree offers a comprehensive Language Check that covers 98 percent of the English and German languages. The Congree Authoring Server is scalable and thus supports the editorial work in small, medium-sized, and large enterprises.

Rule-Based Language Check

Apart from the spelling and grammar, the rule-based Language Check also checks the style. Predefined rule sets cover most application cases; additional company-specific rules can be supplemented as needed.

Authoring Memory

The Authoring Memory serves as a sentence repository, showing you all text segments that are similar to your text and that were written and approved in the past. You can apply these text segments with a click. New sentences are included in the Authoring Memory after they are checked and approved. Congree Data Grooming can help to maintain and improve the quality of your Authoring Memory.

Terminology Component

The connection of third-party components enables access to a wide range of information on terminology hits. The terminology component in Congree delivers definitions and usage information on specialized terms – including preferred terms, admitted terms, and deprecated terms.

Use Learning Effects

Of course, Congree also checks your texts for correct spelling and grammar as well as compliance with defined style rules. The feedback that the system delivers while writing texts ensures learning effects, thereby reducing inconsistencies and errors in future texts.

Corporate Language

Ensuring the use of consistent, comprehensible wording throughout the enterprise is a task for super heroes. Congree gives you the needed assistance: Apart from the reuse of sentence and consistent use of terminology, our software offers a comprehensive Language Check that covers more than 98 percent of the English and German languages.

Cut Costs

Texts that have been reviewed comprehensively with the Congree Authoring Server cause less review overhead. The saving potential is especially remarkable when it comes to the translation: For example, reused sentences do not need to be translated anew. Moreover, the uniform use of specialized terms and corporate terminology keeps the number of variants in the translation low.


The best software is of little use if it does not suit your mode of operation and your structures. For this reason, Congree adapts to your working habits: Seamlessly integrate the software in your editor and adjust the size and position of the Congree panels in accordance with your role or task. Depending on your personal preferences, the check results and correction proposals can be displayed in real time or after you have finished composing your text.

No Need for Authors to Get Used to a New Application

Congree can be fully integrated in the most popular authoring tools for technical documentation.