Congree presents brand new topic page about terminology

The correct and consistent use of terminology has numerous benefits. To ensure the success of terminology work, companies can rely on software that provides support throughout the entire terminology life cycle. Using the Congree Authoring Server, Congree illustrates these options on a new "Consistent terminology from the very start" topic page:

“Terminology is dear to our hearts. Congree provides companies with many useful tools so that they can do good terminology work. Our new topic page shows how Congree covers the entire terminology life cycle and why terminology work is so important,” says Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO of Congree Language Technologies GmbH. This much can be revealed: A consistent use of terminology is important for the brand-compliant naming of products across all documents. It increases trust and customer loyalty and also facilitates indexing, making content easier to find.

Anyone interested can find additional information and information about Congree’s terminology component directly on the topic page. The topic of “Terminology with Congree” is concisely illustrated by a video. Related reading recommendations, including several white papers, a fact sheet, videos and blog articles about the topic round things off.

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