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  Ensure consistent and understandable languageProcess legacy data automaticallyAchieve (cost-) effective translationsEnsure language rules without looking them upAddress target groups appropriatelyIntegrate successful web shop searchwith Congree

Legacy data clean-up
Streamlined product information management

While data cleansing at best takes into account superficial linguistic entities such as date formats, the linguistic-based approach to data clean-up also detects errors, old spellings, inconsistently used terms, and other complex linguistic problems. Doing so detects and eliminates duplicate text and linguistically cleanses existing texts. Linguistic-based data clean-up can also be applied to extremely large volumes of data, scaling the positive aspects.

Creating better texts
Automated text quality assurance in the PIM system

Focusing on correctness, consistency, and comprehensibility when working in the PIM system saves you money, increases brand compliance and customer loyalty, and ensures that your product texts are understood. Language can also help you score points within your company. Stylistic rules can help simplify translation processes and avoid costly translation errors.

Linguistic optimization is not tied to extensive training and thick editorial guidelines. Author assistance software can be connected directly to your PIM system and check your texts automatically – meaningful proposals for correction included.

The Congree Authoring Server also offers central evaluation with statistics and comparison options, enabling you to see whether company-wide text quality assurance leads to success.

Finding instead of searching
With linguistic intelligence

Is your PIM system filled with tons of valuable content, but when you specifically search for something, you have trouble finding what you’re looking for? If this sounds familiar, the content you’re looking for is probably slightly different linguistically in the PIM system. Common search methods only find perfect 1-to-1 matches. Congree extends these methods with linguistic intelligence. Regardless of whether you used a terminological variant or made a mistake in the search term: Congree Search will find your PIM content.

Why your PIM processes benefit from Congree

The work of product management and marketing benefits significantly from a PIM system. For example, by supporting and automating various workflows in the area of product communication. Product information of high quality is at the center of a PIM system’s work. It is essential to acquire and organize this information and to make it available in various communication channels in a way that is appropriate for the target group.

Congree greatly simplifies the process of creating and assuring high-quality content. Congree author assistance makes content creation not only easier, but also more standardized. The various departments involved are supported uniformly and intelligently in the creation of target group-specific content with custom rule sets.

Beyond content creation, Congree can also be integrated into other processes of a PIM system, e.g. for quality measurement and quality assurance of the data stock and to make information easier to find.

Working with a PIM system becomes more efficient and better with Congree. Congree means a real upgrade for your PIM system.

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