A Day in the Life of Winona Writer and Bob O´Skoole

Or how Intelligent Authoring Assistance makes you much smarter in Global Content Teams

In this webinar by SDL and Congree Language Technologies, we show, how content creators will benefit in their daily work from an aligned content authoring, management and optimization process with SDL Tridion Docs and the Congree Authoring Server.
Learn, why technical writer Winona Writer is so much smarter compared with her colleague Bob O´Skoole.
Understand, how Winona benefits from the technology that supports the content creation process of her company (… and see, why poor Bob´s life sometimes is far more difficult).
Chip Gettinger and Philipp Baur will guide through a typical workflow combining SDL Tridion Docs and Congree.
In the webinar we will show, how the Congree Authoring Server can be accessed through the structured authoring environment of SDL Tridion Docs, to provide linguistic guidance, terminology checks and reuse with  content intelligence to authors and content teams, to create, manage and deliver consistent, high-quality content for any channel.
Chip Gettinger (VP Global Solutions, SDL Content Technologies)
Philipp Baur (Product Manager Congree Language Technologies)

October 20th, 09.00AM PT, 12.00AM ET, 06.00PM CET

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