Congree Language Technologies Inc. off to a good start with business in the US

VMware and Hologic acquired as customers in the first months of 2021

Congree Language Technologies Inc. announces that it is off to a good start in their activities in North America.

After the start of the San Francisco based Congree subsidiary in 2020, already in the first year the company established a solid acceptance in the US-market, with remarkable brands as first customers in the US. In addition, new partnership agreements with partners like Content Rules, SDL and IXIASOFT were signed.

Congree is also off to a good start in 2021, acquiring big name customers VMware and Hologic in the first months of the year, creating a solid basis for further expansion this year and next.

Michael Mannhardt, President & CEO of Congree Language Technologies Inc. San Francisco, says: “When the global pandemic hit right after our US subsidiary was founded, we were of course skeptical about what this would mean for our expansion to a new market in North America. Without a doubt, things were initially not all that easy with industry events being held virtually and only a limited ability to meet customers and prospects in person. But in spite of these circumstances, our start as a new player in the US could hardly have gone any better. Being able to meet the demands of this crucial market from the get-go, seeing lots of enthusiasm for our technology, and acquiring as new customers major organizations such as VMware and Hologic made us very happy indeed. The success, acceptance and attention we experienced in our first months in the US clearly demonstrate that this market is very open for us as a new vendor providing support to companies in reaching their content strategy targets for understandable, consistent and inclusive language.”

Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO of Congree Language Technologies GmbH headquartered in Germany, adds: “Following the success and growth we experienced in German-speaking countries and in the rest of Europe over the last 10 years, looking into other markets and driving our internationalization was the obvious next step. With last year’s launch in North America, 2020 was a year spent investing in growth and expansion and I am very pleased at how this is now turning into new business opportunities and success. This clearly shows that the focus we put on taking our first step in the US and Canadian market was the right decision and I am excited about the growth we are experiencing there is contributing to the entire Congree business.”

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