Introduction to Congree

Intelligent authoring assistance helps to improve your content in various ways. It ensures compliance with your style guidelines and grammar rules. It helps you to use your preferred terminology consistently, which is especially important when you have multiple writers creating content. And it suggests sentence reuse in real-time, while authors write. Intelligent authoring assistance not only optimizes your English source content, it reduces your localization costs significantly while enabling more accurate, higher quality translations.

In this webinar, Scott Abel, CEO of The Content Wrangler, will interview Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, and Michael Mannhardt, Director of Global Business Development at Congree, about intelligent authoring assistance by Congree. Philipp Baur, Product Manager at Congree, will give a demo of Congree features in action. The interview offers a product presentation, provides insights into the partnership between Content Rules and Congree, and highlights the benefits of using the software.

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