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Sustainable content makes a strong and positive impact, especially when implemented over a period of time. Substantial cost-savings in human and machine translation are easily achieved by simplifying your technical English content. When sentences are simpler and less unambiguous, they become easier and less expensive to translate. For end-users with a basic working knowledge of English, the idea of doing away with translations while depending on a sustainable and simplified technical language seems highly plausible.

Simplified Technical English (or ASD-STE100 Specification) is a versatile and powerful writing standard that prepares you for a future-proof content creation and management environment. Reviewing the standard manually can pose a challenge for many. By semi-automating this process of learning, trained STE writers can already start writing and editing their documents in a real-time authoring environment, supported by Congree’s robust STE compliance capability.

In this webinar, Shumin Chen (Shufrans TechDoc) will provide firsthand knowledge from the field of STE training across various industries, while Philipp Baur (Congree) demonstrates how the Congree Simplified Technical English Checker can help you kick-start the STE implementation process by allowing trained STE writers create STE compliant content in the shortest amount of time possible.

Es handelt sich um ein Webinar in englischer Sprache.

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